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Sensitive, high-resolution microscope cameras from Jenoptik refine every microscope to a modern digital microscope workstation.

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Jenoptik PROGRES GRYPHAX® series offers state of the art USB 3.0 microscope cameras including intuitive microscope camera software.


Jenoptik PROGRES GRYPHAX-series enables you to refine your microscope to a state of the art digital workstation. Save time!

PROGRES GRYPHAX® microscope camera software is part of each camera delivery. You install this particularly user-friendly software intuitively without any prior knowledge on your WIN, MAC or Linuxoperating system. All cameras offer live images in video speed and thus facilitate your daily work.

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  • The PROGRES GRYPHAX® ARKTUR USB 3.0 microscope camera from Jenoptik enables you to „Research Life”, to “Examine Elements”, to “Evaluate quality” and to “Reveal Truth”.  website fabricante

  • The PROGRES GRYPHAX® KAPELLA is a sensitive color camera for challenging samples and lighting conditions. It offers scientific users a new level of image dynamics and richness of detail. website fabricante

  • The PROGRES GRYPHAX® NAOS USB 3.0 microscope camera from Jenoptik enables you to „Research Life”, to “Examine Elements”, to “Evaluate quality” and to “Reveal Truth”. website fabricante

  • The PROGRES GRYPHAX®PROKYON camera, the flagship of the PROGRES GRYPHAX®range, combines the best properties of all the models. It is the perfect all-round camera, capable of dealing with all aspects of microscopy through its image resolution of between 2.3 and 20.7megapixels. website fabricante

  • The PROGRES GRYPHAX® RIGEL is the monochrome counterpart to the KAPELLA and is the most sensitive camera in the entire portfolio. website fabricante

  • The Jenoptik PROGRES GRYPHAX® series SUBRA camera brings reliability and efficiency to microscopy image acquisition. Its modern CMOS sensor featuring a particularly high pixel resolution delivers shorter exposure times and high image refresh rates. You can work very comfortably with the microscope camera, as well as save time. website do fabricante

Mostrando 1 - 6 de 6 itens