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  • Our portable CO2 analyser is specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators within the research and pharmaceutical markets. The key benefit of using the G100 is the ability to take simultaneous CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature readings.

  • This is a third generation workbench with vertical air-channelling. This new model is characterised by a hands-on and visually current design.

  • This is a second generation workbench with horizontal air-channelling. This new model is characterised by a hands-on and visually current design.

  • IVF guard Class II Safety Cabinet is the first IVF cabinet with electrically operated vertically sliding safety-glass sash window in combination with a laminar airflow system, designed and built to performance requirements of the EN - 12469:2000 European Standard.

  • Contentor criopreservação em Azoto liquido (LN2) para racks com caixas de tubos ou canisters.

  • SafeFAST Elite Microbiological Safety cabinets belong to the latest generation of laminar airflow systems, combining rigid safety requirements with high quality construction. 

  • The In-VitroCell ES NU-5800 Direct Heat Laboratory CO2Incubator is designed to provide a controlled in-vitro environment by providing the desired functionality needed to encourage cell culture growth for research at or near body temperature.

  • In-VitroCell ES NU-8631 5.65 cu. ft. (160L) Water Jacketed Hypoxic CO2 Incubator with O2 Control CO2 Incubator featuring an Oxygen monitoring and control system to suppress Oxygen levels in the growth chamber by injecting Nitrogen for hypoxia research. Temperature is control by using dual temperature sensor probes heating water surround the growth...

  • In-VitroCell ES 5700 160L Hypoxic Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles, Humidity, and O2 Control

  • The IX73 system reinforces the strengths of the IX71 for Embryology, while improving several fundamental features relating to ease of use and accuracy for ICSI and IMSI. Additionally, a new automated solution is available, providing single button touch control for the ICSI/ polarization/ IMSI workflow. WebSite do Fabricante

  • Throughout the world, Narishige high-precision micromanipulators are used by specialists in such field as electrophysiology, in vitro fertilisation, ICSI, semiconductor and FPD (flat panel display) manufacture. WebSite do Fabricante

  • The IX73 inverted microscope system sets new standards in advanced live cell imaging with its compact frame, outstanding optical performance and exceptional flexibility. Manual encoded or semi-motorized options enable. WebSite do Fabricante

  • O microscópio BX43 oferece uma excelente variedade de características, alto nível de desempenho óptico e é a plataforma ideal para a formação de imagem digital. Este microscópio flexível oferece vários métodos de contraste e uma óptica superior combinados com iluminação LED true-color para um excelente processamento de cores. WebSite do Fabricante

  • Freezerbondz™ labels can be applied to frozen surfaces including glass and polypropylene stored in liquid nitrogen. They have good print smudge resistance, solvent resistance and good high and low temperature performance. Freezerbondz™ labels perform well in common laboratory environments such as liquid nitrogen and autoclave applications.

  • Order Reference:M-134-427 Colour:Black on White/Transparent   Material Type:Self-laminating Vinyl   Size - Height (mm):38.10   Size - Width (mm):44.45   Total Qty per Pack:140 Label(s) / Box 

  • BMP51 Label Printer - EU with LabelMark Software Website do Produto

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