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  • Its comprehensive range of accessories and outstanding performance make the UNIVERSAL 320 R the ideal centrifuge for almost every application. The centrifuge separates samples reliably at the desired temperature. It can be set to any temperature in the range -20 °C to +40 °C. In addition, it has a fast cool function.

  • The ROTINA 380 R delivers good separation results rapidly and reliably and can be used for thermolabile samples at the required temperature. This compact benchtop centrifuge is a reliable tool for use in research labs and analytical labs.

  • The ROTINA 420 R maintains the set temperature to safeguard the integrity of samples.  It can handle high numbers of samples, yet is compact and integrates well into the laboratory. It has a high performance where it counts and is extremely economical. It will provide many years of reliable operation and therefore offers an excellent ratio of price to...

  • The ROTANTA 460 R enables efficient centrifugation in research and analytical laboratories. The centrifuge enables centrifugation times to be reduced substantially and is a reliable workhorse for high sample volumes and ideal for high-throughput screening. Its high-performance cooling ensures that the selected temperature is maintained.

  • The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS centrifuges blood bags safely and efficiently. This centrifuge can reliably handle large volumes: Its maximum capacity is 6 x 2,000 ml / 12 x 750 ml blood bags.

  • The high-capacity, refrigerated floor-standing ROTIXA 500 RS can hold 4 x 1,000 ml bottles. It is equipped as standard with an S control panel.

  • The MIKRO 200 R is the refrigerated version of the MIKRO 200. This model is the smallest refrigerated centrifuge in the microcentrifuge range of Hettich. The high-performance cooling enables temperatures to be set anywhere in the range -10 °C to +40 °C. The MIKRO 200 R can be used for molecular biology applications in which a high acceleration and low...

  • The MIKRO 220 R is a compact benchtop centrifuge that is used for microlitre applications The centrifuge can hold up to 60 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml tubes per run. It has a maximum acceleration of 31,500 x g. The MIKRO 220 R is the refrigerated version of the MIKRO 220. The cooling function enables temperatures to be set anywhere in the range -20 °C to +40 °C. 

  • NuWind Centrifuges offer larger capacity in a smaller footprint. The ability to change rotors within seconds allows for multi-application use in cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology and more. WebSite do Fabricante

Mostrando 1 - 9 de 9 itens