Haps Bottom Corer
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Haps Bottom Corer

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The Haps Bottom Corer is highly suitable for taking well-defined, undisturbed samples from hard as well as soft sediments. This can be seen by a clear water phase above the sediment surface. Its weight of 170 kg (maximum load) demands winch operation.



The HAPS is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel with electro polished surface.

Sample tubes:

The sample tube (5) is made of stainless steel (standard) but it can be delivered in transparent polycarbonate as well. Also available with various dimensions in the range from O.D. Ø42,2 to Ø140 mm.

Sample depth: 31 cm.

Increasing performance:

In order to stabilize the HAPS in sea swells, and to sample in sandy sediments, additional weights can be mounted (1, 2, 3). Furthermore, you can add the vibrator system 59.000, see page. 5.