Rotofix 32 A
  • Rotofix 32 A


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The ROTOFIX 32 A has set the standard for a number of years. Its high performance makes it the benchmark centrifuge in its class.


Product details

  • Max. capacity in a swing-out rotor:

                    4 x 100 ml

  • in an angle rotor:
    6 x 85 ml
  • Max. speed (RPM):
  • Max. RCF:
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    257 x 366 x 430 mm
  • Weight:
    approx. 23 kg
  • Refrigeration:
    Air cooling
  • Frequently used rotors:
    Swing-out rotor for 4 x 100 ml (90°), max. RCF 2,630 – Cat. No. 1324
    Swing-out rotor for 8 x 50 ml (45°), max. RCF 2,469 – Cat. No. 1617
    Angle rotor for 6 x 85 ml, max. RCF 4,226 – Cat. No. 1620A

Operator comfort

The centrifuge is easy to operate:

  • The practical film keyboard enables parameters to be entered precisely, quickly and simply through the keys
  • The current status of all parameters is displayed during centrifugation.
  • The speed is entered in increments of 100 and the centrifugation time is selected in minutes (up to 99); the centrifuge can also be set to run continuously
  • Pulse key for short centrifugation runs
  • The RCF is displayed for as long as the RCF button is pressed. The rotor radius must be entered prior to this

The lid of the centrifuge can be comfortably and reliably closed using the ergonomic closure 


The ROTOFIX 32 A makes a valuable contribution to safety in the workplace. The centrifuge has the following features:

  • Lid locking and holding
  • Imbalance switch off
  • Automatic rotor recognition

Emergency lid release


The ROTOFIX 32 A has the following features:

  • Metal casing and lid
  • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
  • Clip closure
  • View port in centrifuge lid

It is a reliable tool for daily laboratory work in a medical practice or small hospital.

It is not only suitable for use in clinical chemistry, it is also an indispensable tool in cytology.

Its comprehensive range of accessories make it suitable for use in research and analytical laboratories in chemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology.

It can be used to check the status of chrome baths with special tubes from Hettich.

Rotofix 32 A