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The ROTINA 420 is a reliable tool in everyday laboratory work. It can handle larger volumes, yet is compact and integrates well into the laboratory. It has a high performance where it counts and is extremely economical. It will provide many years of reliable operation and therefore offers an excellent ratio of price to performance.


The ROTINA 420 can be used to centrifuge large volumes and deal with high numbers of samples in an efficient manner: Its maximum capacity of 4 x 600 ml, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates makes it exceptionally suitable for use in medical diagnostics (clinical chemistry). It is also a reliable tool for use in biotechnology research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.  

If toxic or infectious material is centrifuged, then the TÜV-tested accessories with bioseals can protect against aerosols.

Safety and comfort in the workplace using carriers with a single-hand clamp lock

The clamp lock of the 4780 carrier can be operated without difficulty with just one hand. The carriers can be comfortably carried by the clamp whether the lid is in place or not since, in contrast to the products from other manufacturers, the clamp is mounted on the carrier and not on the lid. If the lid is in place, the carrier can not only be carried with ease, it is also safe to transport.

  1. With the clamp in the “open” position the lid can be easily fitted and removed.
  2. With the clamp in the central position the carrier is sealed to prevent aerosol formation and can be safely carried to the centrifuge, workbench or another working space.
  3. With the clamp in the “close” position the carrier can be centrifuged without aerosol formation. The absence of aerosols has been verified by the TÜV in accordance with DIN EN 61010, Part 2-020


  • Max. capacity: in a swing-out rotor:
    4 x 600 ml
  • in an angle rotor:
    4 x 250 ml
  • Max. speed (RPM):
  • Max. RCF:
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    423 x 506 x 650 mm
  • Weight:
    approx. 75kg
  • Refrigeration:
    Air cooling
  • Frequently used rotors:
    Swing-out rotor for 4 x 600 ml (90°), max. RCF 4,740 – Cat. No. 4784-A
  • Angle rotor for 30 x 1.5 / 2 ml, max. RCF 24,400 – Cat. No. 4790-A
  • Angle rotor for 4 x 250 ml, max. RCF 12,007 – Cat. No. 4795
  • Angle rotor for 6 x 94 ml, max. RCF 16,504 – Cat. No. 4794


The ROTINA 420 makes everyday centrifugation easier thanks to its ergonomic design. The centrifuge has the following features:

  • Motor-driven lid locking
  • Ergonomic operating and information panel
  • Simple rotor change
  • Ergonomic C control panel
  • 98 programmable memories


The ROTINA 420 enables complex tasks to be accomplished easily.

It provides the highest safety through the following features:

  • Lid locking
  • Emergency lid release
  • Lid dropping protection
  • Automatic rotor recognition
  • Imbalance shut-off
  • Motor overheating protection


The ROTINA 420 is a compact benchtop centrifuge that can handle large volumes. It features components such as:

  • Metal casing
  • Centrifugation chamber of rust-free stainless steel
  • View port in the lid
  • High-speed and versatile laboratory centrifuge for daily use in research or analytical laboratories
  • This high-performance centrifuge can hold 4 x 600 ml samples, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates, with a maximum RCF of 4,166
  • The TÜV-tested accessories with bioseals contribute to safe working procedures
  • Compact benchtop centrifuge
  • Ergonomic C control panel allows complex centrifugation programs to be entered, stored and called up as required
  • 98 programmable memories
  • 9 braking and run-up ramps, run-down without braking and braking switch-off speed can be selected as required, as well as time-controlled run-up and run-down
Field of application

The ROTINA 420 is a reliable tool for use in

  • Medical diagnostics (clinical chemistry)
  • Biotechnology research laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical research laboratories
Rotina 420