Classic 2
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Camara Fluxo Laminar IVF

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This is a second generation workbench with horizontal air-channelling. This new model is characterised by a hands-on and visually current design.


Several elaborate technical enhancements could be realised. This model has no front pane which allows for an unobstructed working with the microscope and the product. This type of construction permits ample working width and depth. The horizontal air-channelling results in a permanent air-flow through the entire working-space. Thus even through turbulences particles do not settle on the product. This model also allows an unhindered change of accessories as well as the tilting of the upper part of the microscope. The new electronic-system allows a two-stage ventilation so that the operator can adjust his own speed which might vary from lab to lab. This is operated via a tough membrane-keypad. The base has a frame construction, with powder painting pastel-blue (RAL 5024) can be levelled using stainless steel adjusting screws. Such screws are especially useful for a sterile IVF- environment. The polished work plate is made of high-grade stainless steel on which a special ground finish identifies the electric warming area. The electric components, such as the temperature controller with digital display and all switches are positioned at the front end of the table and thus easier to use. Optional sockets and a CO2-flowmeter are positioned above the working plate for easy use and cleaning. As heating plate we use a new electrical heating system, with a temperature difference of +/- 0,2°C maximum! The light-transmitter of the stereomicroscope is built into the stainless steel work plate at absolute level, a glass- pane of 60 mm diameter can be aligned quite easily via adjusting screws.

Classic 2