Kajak sediment sampler
  • Kajak sediment sampler

Kajak sediment sampler

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The Kajak corer is designed for taking samples in muddy or half-hard sediment.



The KC Kajak sediment core sampler is based on the Kajak design and can be used as line operated as well as hand-operated sampler.


Quick change:

Speeds up the changing of corer tubes, very useful if you need many samples. All parts are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.


A wide range of accessories, Ø60 mm steel tubes and Ø80 mm acrylic tubes are available.

Hand operated sampler:

The corer body of this line-operated sampler can be exchanged with shafts in order to sample by manual insertion of the tube. The shafts are made from AISI 316 stainless steel tubes, each 2,0 m. They can be extended to a maximum length of 4 or 6 m.

Increase of performance:

Adding of top lead weight, 13.310, 1,0 kg each (max. mounting 12 pcs = 12 kg) will increase penetration of the bottom sediment. Standard delivery comes with 6 pcs of weights.