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Cryomatrix series provide the user with a fully automatic, safe and reliable cryogenic
liquid nitrogen storage system. All tanks are made of high quality stainless steel,
equipped with automatic caster wheel, brake device, convenient open hinged lid, and
large diameter openings for sample storage. The sample can be stored in liquid phase
(-196℃) or vapor phase (-190℃). Microcomputer touch control system provides
greater convenience and security. In order to achieve the most economical operation,
we design the biggest sample storage capacity under the condition of the minimum
consumption of liquid nitrogen.
Cryomatrix series adopt advanced technology and super vacuum thermal insulation
technology to assure the safety of the barrier-free sample storage and good properties
uniform temperature and characteristics of the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen.
Even if it gas storage, the whole storage area temperature difference is less than 10℃.
The lowest temperature of the top of the freeze frame can reach -190℃.