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Camara Fluxo Laminar IVF

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This is a third generation workbench with vertical air-channelling. This new model is characterised by a hands-on and visually current design.


 Several elaborate technical enhancements could be realised. This type of construction permits ample working width and depth. The new electronic-system allows a two-stage ventilation so that the operator can adjust his own speed which might vary from lab to lab. This is operated via a tough membrane-keypad. The hinged safety-front-glass has cut-outs for the microscope to be able to use the wide- ranging adjustments without any restrictions. The workbench is all stainless steel. The base has a frame construction, with powder painting pastel-blue (RAL 5024) and can be levelled using stainless steel adjusting screws. The colour of the body is (RAL 9016), traffic white. Such screws are especially useful for a sterile IVF-environment. The polished work plate is made of high-grade stainless steel on which a special ground finish identifies the electric warming area. For the warming plate we use a new electrical heating system, with a temperature difference of +/- 0,2°C maximum. The light-transmitter of the stereomicroscope is built into the stainless steel work plate at absolute level, a glass- pane of 60 mm diameter can be aligned quite easily via adjusting screws. The back of the working-space is made of stainless steel, too, in which electrical components such as temperature control with digital display, switches, CO2-flowmeter are inserted for a user-friendly use. Optional CO2-mini-incubators, monitors or cuts-outs with sluices are available, too. The large side windows are made from safety-glass which creates a visually friendly working environment. The colour of the body is (RAL 9016), traffic white.