• Olympus IX3-ICSI/IMSI

Microscópio Óptico Invertido ICSI

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The IX73 system reinforces the strengths of the IX71 for Embryology, while improving several fundamental features relating to ease of use and accuracy for ICSI and IMSI. Additionally, a new automated solution is available, providing single button touch control for the ICSI/ polarization/ IMSI workflow.

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Type  Inverted, reflected and transmitted light frame
Communication interfacesInput Light intensity control I/ F (1pc)  (to TH4 or IX3-LEDPS)
Focus systemType Coaxial coarse and fine focus with nosepiece up and down mechanism
Total stroke 9.5 mm
Stroke/ rotation (coarse focus)  7 mm
Stroke/ rotation (fine focus)  100 μm
Graduation on fine focus 1 μm
Torque adjustment On the coarse drive
Limit stopper On the coarse drive
Maximum load 3 Kg (including objectives, revolving nosepiece and DIC slider)
Field numberObservation Transmitted light: 22 (1-deck system)
Left side port Transmitted light: 22 (1-deck system)
Light intensity adjustmentType Front side mounted intensity control dial
Indicator LED (power on indicator)
Light management function In conjunction with LED illumination, illumination intensity is automatically changed by the position of revolving nosepiece (U-CB5S or IX3-CBM is needed) .
Optical path dividing ratio  3 steps, 0: 100/ 50: 50/ 100: 0 (left side port: observation)
Number of decks for intermediate attachments  One deck or two deck system available
Left side portMagnification 1 X