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Incubador CO2 In-VitroCell

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The In-VitroCell ES NU-5800 Direct Heat Laboratory CO2Incubator is designed to provide a controlled in-vitro environment by providing the desired functionality needed to encourage cell culture growth for research at or near body temperature.


Monitor and control incubator humidity and oxygen levels when working with hypoxic stress studies, stem cell culture and carcinogenic tumors with this In-VitroCell™ hypoxic CO2 incubator with humidity control.

Ensure Sensitivity and Accuracy of Gas Control

Zirconia Ceramic O2 Sensor

The maintenance-free O2 sensor controls oxygen levels in cell cultures by suppressing it with nitrogen. This process provides improved accuracy and lower-range hypoxic control, with an O2 range of 0.5 to 21 percent and an O2 accuracy of plus or minus 0.25 percent.

Infrared CO2 Sensor

Regulate the chamber's CO2 levels with a single-source dual-wave infrared (IR) sensor. Because the sensor's wavelengths are only absorbed by CO2, other components such as water vapor do not interfere with measurements.

Keep Contamination Under Control

Dual Sterilization Cycles

Prevent contamination with the dual sterilization cycles. High-heat sterilization uses dry air at 145 degrees C while humidified decontamination operates at 95 degrees C and draws moisture from the water pan located at the bottom of the chamber. Using the NuTouch™ ECS, workers can program the sterilization process to run at a convenient time.

Coved Interior Corners

The inner chamber provides crevice-free construction and seamless coved interior corners that don't promote biological growth. The polished stainless steel surface is inert and easy to clean.


NuTouch™ Electronic Control System (ECS)

Control the chamber environment precisely and efficiently with the color touchscreen interface of the NuTouch™ Electronic Control System (ECS). The ECS provides operating control, other critical operational parameters and status indicators, and stores values, even during power interruptions.

Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

Maintain chamber set-point conditions with the closed loop HEPA filtration system. Air samples from two locations in the chamber pass through a 99.99-percent HEPA filter before entering a sensor bay, which measures gas and humidity levels. Based on these levels, the NuTouch™ ECS determines when to inject HEPA-filtered CO2 gas, air, nitrogen and vapor into the growth environment.

This closed loop system continuously filters chamber air, lowering airflow to a single air change every 20 minutes to minimize desiccation. It also maintains positive air pressure, preventing potentially contaminated laboratory air from entering the chamber, even when the door is open.

Relative Humidity Control

Provide the proper level of humidity with relative humidity control. An RH sensor monitors the humidity level, and when it needs to be increased, vapor is injected from a stainless steel water reservoir under the cabinet.


Temperature Uniformity

Heating elements on all sides of the chamber supply direct heat for superior incubator temperature uniformity. Dual sensors monitor the chamber's temperature and adjust it as necessary.

Minimal Vibration

Promote cell growth by reducing vibration. This incubator has fewer moving parts and an air pump to inject air and gas, helping it run smoothly.