Van Dorn water sampler
  • Van Dorn water sampler

Van Dorn water sampler

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The water sampler is based on the Van Dorn design, and it has the same characteristic as the Beta™ Van Dorn samplers, suitable for sampling trace metals, organics and other chemical sampling.


The end seals are EPDM rubber and the tubing is made of Para rubber.

The horizontal water sampler is intended for taking organic water samples near the bottom in lakes, streams, or in stratified water bodies.

It is made of sturdy transparent acrylic and has a double releaser, activated by a drop messenger.
The releaser is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Standard delivery has small stainless steel parts inside.
The water sampler is available with a non-metallic interior. Please add part no. 11.320.

The water sampler has a standard thermometer, non-mercury. Temperature range
between –10 to +60 °C.

Standard drop messenger is made of brass. 2 other models available; one of these (60.001) has open/close functionality.

All samplers are equipped with integrated direction fins for stabilization in flowing water.

Recommended depth: Max. 70 m because of the thermometer, if removed, the sampler can be used at any depth.

Van Dorn water sampler with integrated direction fin.

The water sampler comes in 3 sizes, 2,0 - 3,0 and 5,0 L.